Services & Solutions

Complete Grinding and Separation Package

Our customers have access to a full flowsheet of mineral processing and equipment for their Grinding and Separation areas in their plant.

Get advantage and benefit of our engineering knowledge who work with you to discover new potential to make your plant operation more efficient.

On-site services

Sometimes you do not have any drawing or technical data sheet for your parts , in this case our engineering travel to your site to measure goods and the spare parts will produce same as existing parts dimensionally and technically ,in meanwhile according to the updated standard and technology.

Design review

If your plant is old and needed to upgrade then we are ready for design review, our experts have recent knowledge for all parts and equipment of grinding area.

Improve & Modification

After design review of your parts and equipment, our engineering team will submit their solution and get your comments trough face to face meeting, then final drawing will go to production line after confirmation of client.

Increase capacity

Increasing number of electric cars, solar energy, high technology growth cause consumption demand for base metal and minerals in recent years and definitely need development in mining plants to achieve more products, thus increasing in capacity is considered as one of our service.